Silktone Cables

I was fortunate enough to receive an invite along to the studio recently to do a couple of demos for the amazing Silktone cable company.  Having used a couple of boutique cables in the past, I wasn't entirely sold on the idea of a cable that could increase the headroom and quality of an instruments tone 'that' much to be worth the switch.. until now.

Having recorded and gigged with these cables over the past week, it's like I'm finally hearing my tone in 24bit compared to the 256 kbps mp3 I'd been experiencing via my van damme/neutriks (for want of a better analogy!)! If you've ever been tempted to try a boutique cable out but were always sitting on the fence, get off of it now and head to to purchase a bunch at wholesale price before they open up sales to their dealer base! 

Mànran's new single 'Trod' available for digital download now!

Mànran's new single 'Trod' is now available to download via all good music sites (I recommend Bandcamp for maximum audio quality and support for the artists!).  Just click on the picture above to head to the Mànran bandcamp page.

Recorded by Gus Stirrat at Glasgow's 'Glo Worm Studios', mixed by myself and mastered by Brian Lucy at 'Magic Garden Mastering' in Los Angeles, this is Mànran's most aggressive (and 'progressive') track to date :)  Enjoy!

No Place Like Home - Now available from - FOR FREE

Federation of the Disco Pimp's live concert 'No Place Like Home' is now available to download for free at

Attention spans are shorter than ever these days I know, but if you can manage to hold on for more than 30 seconds, please visit the link and download/donate if you're interested in seeing the wonderful videography of Magnus Graham and his crew (and hearing a bit of cheeky mixing/mastering by myself)!

Federation of the Disco Pimp's brand new track - I Love Tomorrow

'I Love Tomorrow', a brand new track from FOTDP's soon to be released new album 'Inamorata', is now available to stream for a limited time only via their brand new website and the Soundcloud link above.

This track includes special guest vocalist Aaron Livingston (aka Son Little), who has shared his phenomenal talents via the likes of The Roots and RJD2, to name but a few. Watching Aaron track this one through the control room glass was insane; his voice pours out 'classic record' quality with each and every word he sings.